Placenta encapsulation services


Why Encapsulate?

The method used for placenta encapsulation is inspired by Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM); one of the oldest herbal systems in the world.  

Placenta pills have become increasingly popular in the West in the early millennium, as women have found that they can provide a range of healing benefits to their postpartum recovery.  Presently, since the industry is in it's infancy, there is no conclusive scientific evidence surrounding it's benefits or risks.  There are, however, several years of anecdotal evidence from women who have experienced some the following:

- Increase in energy, fighting feelings of fatigue and lethargy

- Replenishment of nutrient levels

- Balancing hormonal fluctuations

- A boost in breastmilk supply

- Decrease in afterbirth bleeding, faster physical postpartum recovery

It is worth remembering that every woman's birth story is different, and the benefits of placenta encapsulation may not be experienced by every mother in the same way.  For most women whose bodies may be out of balance after the rigors of pregnancy and birth, some experience a loss of energy, nutritional deficiencies, and hormonal fluctuations (not to be confused with depression).  By consuming your placenta capsules, it can help to replenish the post-pregnancy body, and those who choose encapsulation often do not experience some of those common postpartum complaints.  Others choose to use their encapsulated placenta as an “insurance policy” should they experience any of the symptoms of nutrient or hormone depletion during their postpartum period.


Placenta Pills

Your placenta capsules are made by safely cleaning and processing your placenta.  It will then be steamed to a temp of 160 degrees with ginger and lemon in the water.  Ginger is used for it's warming and balancing elements, while the lemon is used for it's antiseptic properties.  Afterward, it will then be dehydrated overnight, before being ground to a sea salt consistency and placed into capsules for consumption.  

*An umbilical cord keepsake is also included for you!


Your placenta capsules are meant to be consumed within the first few months following the birth of your child.  Those who desire to benefit from their placenta long term often choose placenta tinctures.  A tincture is a highly concentrated liquid (alcohol) extract, which will preserve your dehydrated placenta.  A tincture is a great option as it can be saved and used for hormonal fluctuations after the capsules have been consumed, such as during the first cycle after pregnancy, returning to work, during weaning, or even later in life as menopause approaches.  Assuming that the tincture was stored properly, it will not expire!

*Please note that tinctures take up to 7 weeks to mature.


The Process

Your Postpartum Placenta Specialist (PPS) has been highly trained through ProDoula (a certification agency for placenta encapsulation), maintains up to date bloodborne pathogen certification, and follows strict food safety guidelines.  Utilizing the highest encapsulation standards for processing your placenta capsules, your health and peace of mind is my top priority!

Everything required for the encapsulation will be brought to your home, or another agreed upon location, apart from the sink, stove, and placenta!  I will prepare an area in your kitchen, and it will be left cleaner than ever before!  Your capsules will take 2 consecutive days to prepare, at about 2 hours each day.  You'll enjoy the peace of mind that comes from taking part in a transparent process where you know the placenta you consume is in fact your own, it hasn't been exposed to outside contaminates, and has been stored properly.  Your interest in the process will be nurtured should you have any questions regarding anatomy, or the methodologies.  

Cord keepsakes, guidelines, and continued support afterward are also offered and included in the fee.


Fees and Additional Services


Placenta Encapsulation with Cord Keepsake: $250

Twin Encapsulation: $325

Placenta Tincture: $60 (Gluten free option available)

Note:  If you are unable to encapsulate your placenta due to unforeseen circumstances, your fees will be refunded, minus the $50 deposit. 

*5% GST will be added to prices

**Mileage fees applicable to locations outside of Edmonton, AB


***Disclaimer: The information above has not been evaluated by Health Canada.  I am providing a service, and am not a medical professional, thus, it is out of my scope to diagnose or treat illness.  Placenta capsules are not meant to cure any type of disease or health disorder.  Healthcare professionals must be informed if signs of postpartum depression or psychosis appear.



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